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Introducing your new `spare room`!

Jo Moon

Introducing your new `spare room`!

When you hear the words “self storage”, what do you think of? A treasure chest of goodies to buy at auction? A hoarder’s paradise? An emblem of the world’s growing “obsession” with stuff?

It’s true that today’s generation loves to shop. From toys and clothes to furniture and electronics, “we’ve got, by weight six times as much stuff” as the previous generation (Professor Danny Dorling, University of Oxford)

 In one year:

-       Women buy half their body weight in clothes (Daily Mail).

-       Parents spend an average of £639.60 on toys for children aged 0-5 (Aviva).

-       London residents spend an average of £5,781 on decorating and new furnishings (Ideal Home).

 Dubbed “the generation that wants more everything”, it’s undeniable that millennials have got an obsession with things. But do they deserve such a bad reputation? You bet they don’t. They may have more stuff, but they use more stuff, too. And when they don’t want their stuff any more, they tend to head to sites such as eBay, vinted and musicmagpie to recycle their hard-earned cash. 

Around half of all storage space is used by people who are at a point of transition in their lives. What do you do with your things when you want to move house, redecorate or make room for a new or visiting family member? Introducing your “new spare room”: a self storage unit!