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March is `Free Wills` month! The boring but important stuff we all need to know.

Jo Moon

March is `Free Wills` month! The boring but important stuff we all need to know.

Using self storage  isn`t just about storing stuff. For some people it`s about storing a lifetime of belongings and memories.   One of our customers sadly passed away recently leaving complications over who had access to the unit and to those treasured possessions.  

If a storer has a will then the person who has been granted probate can access the unit but if there is no will then access is much more complicated.  Fortunately, we are members of the Self Storage Association UK who provide legal support for just this sort of scenario and have helped us deal with this case. 

Do you have an up-to-date will? You probably have lots of reasons as to why not: you don’t have time, or it’s too expensive... Or maybe, like many other people, you simply don’t want to think about death. Having a will makes things easier for those left behind. And now, in March 2017, you have at least one less excuse for not getting a will drafted because every March it's Free Wills Month. It offers - as the name suggests - free solicitor-drafted wills for anyone over 55. 

Want to know more? Check out the Money Saving Expert website or the  Free Wills Month website.