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Inside or Out?

Jo Moon

Inside or Out?

Things are going really well on the sorting front - garage, shed and boys bits are now tidy. Talking about sorting, I found an amazing app called Sortly which allows you to take photos of your stuff in boxes and link it to an inventory.  You can also upgrade to get a QR code to print out and put on the box which sounds amazing but I wouldn`t trust myself not to lose the phone or lose the data which would be a nightmare!  

Took the day off yesterday to spend on the house move - my Mum came over to help pack the things that aren`t so important such as books.  In her day they tied books up with string but as my things are going into store I didn`t think that such a good idea.  She was a wonderful packer though, especially with the china which she wrapped in the paper which we sell in 2.5kg packs and put in a box lined with newspaper scrunched up.  I have ordered rolls of tape marked with Fragile for our shop as I can see how important it is to let the removal men know which boxes have china in.

We also took down all the pictures and wrapped them in bubble wrap (750mm x 25 metres - did around 20 medium pictures)   - Mum asked me which way does the bubble wrap go?  I realised I didn`t know but thought the bubbles should be on the inside - googled it and was right!.......

"Inside or Out?
This seems to be the question most people ask about bubble wrap.  Should the little bubbles be on the inside or out?  While some may disagree, the consensus is that they should definitely face inward.  This is true for several reasons, the primary one being that the purpose of the bubbles is to hold the item in place and cushion it from any bouncing or jarring.  They can only do this if they are touching the thing that needs protection.  So turn them inside for best results."