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Experiencing the other side of the fence....moving notes from the Store Bore!!

Jo Moon

Experiencing the other side of the fence....moving notes from the Store Bore!!

We`re finally moving!!  My house has been on the market for quite some time and me and my 2 boys, (15 and 11), the cat and Jess the store mascot are looking forward to a whole month of moving madness.  We exchanged yesterday and it occurred to me that it`s quite useful to see `life on the other side of the desk` as it were - we have lots of customers who are moving house, going into rentals, sales falling through etc and now it`s my turn!!

As soon as I put the phone down to the solicitor who had just delivered the happy news I swung straight into action - and bought an organiser! (which will come as no surprise to my friends!)  The Dodo book of the Big Move is a handy sized folder with lots of pockets but to be honest there isn`t any advice in there on how to pack etc so really any folder would do although this one does fit in your handbag.  

There are lots of websites with information that you need and a lot that you don`t. The best one I found was which has a printable checklist - love those lists! 

So this weekend I`m tackling the garage, shed and garden and trying to get 2 very unenthusiastic boys to go through their drawers and throw stuff out.  Eldest will just upturn his drawers into a black sack and come down 5 minutes later to say the job`s done.  The youngest will spend hours deliberating over whether he should keep the paper cup from a trip to Lego Land and the humungus collection of plastic Moshi Monsters.  Is there a rule on throwing things out with a face on it I wonder?