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How (and why?!) to declutter your home before Spring!

Jo Moon

People talk about decluttering a lot. There are blogs, websites and whole books devoted to it.  As a nation of hoarders we hang onto our stuff more than ever. Having your own self storage unit is a great way to clear out your clutter - bring your stuff in, sort it out, sell it, bin it, give it away - it`s so easy and with units from just £10 a week, there`s no excuse not to get going and get it sorted!!

Why should we declutter?

Decluttering Gives You More Space

Sometimes clutter can physically obstruct your path in a hazardous or irritating way. But at other times, the problem is mental. If you work from home, for example, you have to stay disciplined in order to not become distracted. This is hard enough, but it would be a hundred times harder if you had to look at big pile of stuff all day. You’d be worried about cleaning it up, or feeling bad that you hadn’t, essentially taking away time from the work you should be doing.

Decluttering Could Make You Money

Selling your unwanted things on Ebay is a great way of getting back some of the money you have spent on items in the first place.

If you are moving house however, decluttering your home first will make a huge difference to a potential purchaser.  The biggest reason people give for moving house is lack of space in their current house.  They are therefore looking for a home that gives them that space, and more to grow into. If they see your clutter-free home, they can better imagine themselves in your space.

Decluttering Makes Cleaning Easier

Having a clean home is a good thing, but getting it clean is (literally) a chore. The less clutter you have around you, the less time you have to spend cleaning! 

Decluttering Gives You Freedom

If you want to move house,  clutter can really hold you back. The more stuff you own, and the more emotionally tied to it that you are, the greater the logistical difficulties and expenses will be when you relocate. 

But even if you’re never going to move house again, owning less stuff makes it so much less of a hassle to redecorate or rearrange the rooms you’ve settled in.